Baeble Bounce House

Every Wednesday night in August

August 1, 21:00 - The Heavy

Listening to the song "How You Like Me Now", we could swear that The Heavy comes from the South of the United States. But the origins of the formation are rooted in England. Their sonorities are influenced by soul, rock, funk, and blues, which are amalgamated in an all but traditional way. The Heavy's live performances are spectacular, thanks to the magnetic stage presence of charismatic leader Kelvin Swalby. Experience The Heavy's infectious energy at Baeble Music's Bounce House, live from Austin, Texas.


August 8, 21:00 - Great Good Fine OK

After Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman bumped into each other on the streets, they wasted little time in creating their band Great Good Fine OK. It took them only one night to write their first single "You’re The One For Me". The band’s party electropop sound is an amalgam of M83, Phoenix, Passion Pit, and mainstream acts such as Michael Jackson, Hall and Oates, and Gloria Estefan. Their groovy rhythms and catchy melodies merge in the most energetic performance you’ve ever experienced. Flashy lights, a sunset to die for, glitzy costumes, slick dance moves, and an electric xylophone… What more can you ask for? Sounds Great Good Fine OK!


August 15, 21:00 - Hey Marseilles

The band Hey Marseilles is back with a rather glorious new sound. Previously, the Seattle band embraced classical influences in a big way, taking cues from contemporaries like The Decemberists. On their eponymous third LP "Hey Marseilles", the group has traded some of its sweeping orchestral arrangements for more succinct pop production techniques, courtesy of Grammy-winning hip-hop producer Anthony Kilhoffer. They bring an infectious set to the Baeble Bounce House: Singer Matt Bishop's sauntering, vocal melodies, and big choruses are sure to clang around in your brain for days.


August 22, 21:00 - Givers

The indie pop band Givers comes from Lafayette, Louisiana. Since the band’s formation in 2008, they’re mostly known for their seamless blend of indie rock with afro beat and world music influences, which dominated their studio album "In Light" and EP. With an interesting history and rich musical background, the band has no issues when it comes to playing music and performing. Inspired by the experience of playing in Cajun and jazz groups, the band members carry a huge array of instruments on stage. Enjoy Givers’ punchy, unpredictable, and adventurous show at Baeble Bounce House!


August 29, 21:00 - Savoir Adore

Savoir Adore is back and better than ever! After four years, founding member Paul Hammer resurrected his band, delivering plenty of new songs and a new line-up. After his collaboration with singer-songwriter Deidre Muro came to an end in 2014, Hammer formed his new live band with Alex Foote (guitar), Andrew Pertes (bass), Ben Marshall (drums), and Lauren Zettler (vocals/keys). At Baeble Bounce House, Savoir Adore performs the glossy, heartfelt songs from its recent album "The Love That Remains". Enjoy this energetic performance from sunny Austin, Texas!