Flamenco Passion

30 June, 21:00



June 30, 21:00 - Carnaval de Cadiz

Enjoy the best flamenco dance shows, thanks to Carnaval de Cádiz. Discover the very best performers on today’s flamenco scene. Enter a world where tradition, avant-garde, and latest trends go hand in hand as new paths of flamenco blend with the legendary flamenco danced in days of yore. This episode shows you performances by Las Barrigas del Puente, Los Cobardes, La Gazuela, Super Gran Hero, and Los Artistes de la Pista.


June 30, 21:55 - Flamenco Passion: Fusion

Enjoy the best flamenco dance shows as seen on the world’s greatest event; the Biennale Flamenco Festival of Seville. With the participation of some of the best performers from Flamenco Passion, enter a world of tradition and discover new paths of flamenco performed by legendary dancers. This episode features unique performances by Antonio Fernandez Montoya, Carmen Linares, Maria Pages, Merche Esmeralda, Manuel Molina, Francisco Jose Arcangel Ramos, Adela Campallo, and Mathilde Anton.