National Gugak Center

July 31, 21:00


Celebrating the 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and Korea, the Chaillot National Theater in Paris presents an exceptional performance from the National Gugak Center. The jongmyo jeryeak is the subtlest expression of Korean court art. Combining ritual dances and the music of Confucian ceremonies, this tradition was born in the fifteenth century. It accompanied the rise of the great Joseon dynasty that ruled Korea from 1392 to 1910. Performed continuously for more than five hundred years, and now once a year in Korea, this tradition is a real “conservatory” of the founding elements of Korean culture, which exerted major influence on the art and culture of the neighboring countries, China and Japan. Jongmyo jeryeak brings together on stage nearly a hundred artists, dancers, singers and musicians. The troupe of the National Gugak Center combines ilmu – sumptuous line dances of thirty-five dancers – with solemn music played by two orchestras.