Route du Rock

Every Thursday night in May

Special Programming


May 3, 21:00 - Cherry Glazerr

Creevy is the raw power behind Cherry Glazerr, a trio playing garage punk that is both furious and melodic. Join Cherry Glazerr in the mosh pit with a song list featuring “Sip 'O Poison”, “Told You I’d Be With The Guys”, and “Nurse Ratched”.


May 10, 21:00 - Shame

Intense and full of distortion, "The Lick" is the first title by Shame, and a perfect introduction to the unhealthy and toxic world of these young Londoners. Enjoy their performance at Route du Rock festival, which features songs like “Industrial”.


May 17, 21:00 - Barbagello

Julien Barbagallo introduces his second album, Grand Chien. With this new psychedelic pop album, this concert features songs such as “À côté de toi”, “Ça, tu me”, “Longue la nuit” and “La vérité”.


May 24, 21:00 - Hookworms

Behind the cute alias Hookworms – in plain English: ankylostomiasis, a parasitic worm – lurks five lads from Leeds. Discover the band’s overpowering 2016 performance from the winter edition of the French Route du Rock festival in Saint-Malo.


May 31, 21:00 - Bon Voyage Organisation

Bon Voyage Organisation’s sound is beyond categorization. The group stretches from disco funk to electro in a heartbeat. They take us through a music historical journey during their concert at La Nouvelle Vague for the Route du Rock Hiver festival.