Cirque le Roux - A Deer in the Headlights

Premiere - August 17

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Cirque le Roux - A Deer in the Headlights

August 17 at 21:00

Cirque Le Roux, a reunion of six gifted artists, chooses glamour and eccentricity to dress up the acrobatic prowess of its creation. The acrobats master it all, from decor to costumes, and from the most perilous circus numbers to the slightest tremors of an intrigue which combines the eternal themes of love, friendship and the unsaid. Enter the strange and comical world of the Cirque Le Roux company with their disturbing story of A Deer in the Headlights performed on the stage of the Théâtre Libre de Paris. The story features three children, whose mother has died, who meet in the family home to prepare the funeral. The reunion is turned upside down by the irruption of a mysterious shaggy stranger. From now on, the funeral will take a completely different turn.

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