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GayBird Leung & Zephyr Quartet

June 3, 21:00

GayBird Leung has worked in the Hong Kong music industry since 1996 as a music director, composer, and producer for over a hundred music productions, concerts and theatres. He continues to explore the realm of music creation, investigating potential formats of electronic music performance that enhance the music experience. The Zephyr Quartet, consisting of Emma Perkins (violin), Emily Tulloch (violin), Jason Thomas (viola) and Hilary Kleinig (cello) are Australia's leading genre-defying explorers of dynamic cross-art form music focused collaborations. During this showcase at Classical: NEXT 2019 in Rotterdam, they perform GayBird Leung's composition “Music in Anticlockwise” (2017).

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Tricia Dawn Williams

June 10, 21:00

Transition is a portrait of the avant-garde piano stretching almost one hundred years. Each piece on the programme breaks new ground as the music navigates through uncharted waters to depict a new profile for the instrument. Transition by Tricia Dawn Williams is a unique experience that transforms the piano recital into an interdisciplinary performance featuring gesture-control technology, video-art, electronic music and extended piano technique. Born in Malta, of Irish and Welsh descent, Tricia Dawn Williams is committed to contemporary music, multimedia and new technologies. Williams is one of the first concert pianists to collaborate with developers and composers internationally on the application of gesture-control technology. As a dedicated promoter of new music, Williams has commissioned, premiered and recorded numerous works. In this concert from the 2019 edition of Classical:NEXT! musicians Tricia Dawn Williams (piano), Ruben Zahra (tech operator) and Atau Tanaka (tech operator) present a diverse programme of self-composed works and pieces by George Crumb and Henry Cowell.

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Dublin Guitar Quartet

June 17, 21:00

Strange to think that until the formation of The Dublin Guitar Quartet (DGQ) there had never been a guitar ensemble that specialised in contemporary classical music. The quartet consists of Brian Bolger, Pat Brunnock, Tomas O’Durcain, and Chien Buggle. Not deterred by the scarcity of repertoire, the DGQ set about creating their own collection of work by focusing on transcriptions and new commissions. Their performances now boast a dynamic mix of celebrated masterpieces by the likes of Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Arvo Pärt and Bryce Dessner alongside new commissions by composers such as Nico Muhly, Michael Gordon, and Marc Mellits. During this showcase at Classical:NEXT 2019 in Rotterdam they perform the following program: Aheym by Bryce Dessner, Rachel Grimes' Book of Leaves (“Every Morning,” “My Dear Companion,” “Every Morning,” “Birds”), an arrangement of Philip Glass' Saxophone Quartet movement I and “Changing of the Guard” by Nikita Koshkin.

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Lost Heritage

June 24, 21:00

François Vasseur and Pierre Chataignon make up the French electronic and contemporary music duo Lost Heritage. Living in the region of Geneva, they are two music lovers interested in jazz, classical, urban, and electronic music. François Vasseur is an electronic composer and pianist. He has been working on electronics for many years, starting as a DJ, then as a musician and composer, while also working in the field of cultural mediation and public engagement for organisations like the Verbier Festival, the Geneva Opera and the Lyon Baroque Music Festival. Pierre Chataignon works on various projects across many musical styles, from world music to electronic, as well as in film sound production and voice-over projects that require high quality sound recording, mixing, and production. Together, they offer a unique musical experience and a sensitive touch to electronic beats. During this showcase recorded at Classical:NEXT 2019 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands they perform a set list consisting of their own works.

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