Classical:NEXT 2019

Every Wednesday in April

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Close Call

April 1, 21:00

In Close Call your smartphone is a musical instrument. And you are not just an audience member, but a musician in a crazy band with three drummers! Arthur Wagenaar is a Dutch composer and musician. He has a deep love for rock bands, theatre, opera and classical music, and his music is usually a mixture of all of this. He also loves to invent his own instruments, mechanical or electronic, such as the “rampaphone,” a string instrument nine meters in length, the “kleurwerper,” played by juggling, and of course the Close Call Live app. In this performance from Classical:NEXT! in Rotterdam, he is supported by Joep Hendrickx, Tjalling Schrik, Marijn Korff de Gidts, Boy van Ooijen, Dodó Kis, Sarah Jeffery, Lotte Pen, Matthias Konrad, and Axel Schappert.

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Ensemble HOPE

April 8, 21:00

The Ensemble HOPE is dedicated to the performance and creation of music of today. As well as exploring new forms of contemporary electro-acoustic technology, it integrates written musical tradition, improvisation and an adapted classical repertoire. The "Cristal Baschet" and the "Euphone" form the basis of the ensemble's sophisticated instrumental collection. The new works reflect these neglected and little-known instruments. The Ensemble HOPE, consisting of Frederic Bousquet (Euphone), Marc Antoine Millon (Bass Cristal) and Armelle Marq (soprano voice), is also actively engaged in developing a new generation of Euphones. In this concert from 2019's Classical:NEXT!, the ensemble performs Frederic Bousquet's "Vénus", "Epilogue" and "en transit," Henry Purcell's "Dido’s lament," arranged by M.A. Millon, Georg Friedrich Händel's "Lascia ch'io pianga," arranged by M.A. Millon, as well as works by Eric Satie, Roger Steptoe, Bruno Giner, and Marc Antoine Millon.

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Rui Massena

April 15, 21:00

A life-long pioneer and defender of classical music, a maestro and pianist by training, Rui Massena has performed in 14 countries with 30 orchestras, has conducted for José Carreras, Ute Lemper and Wim Mertens and was the main guest conductor of the Rome Symphony Orchestra for three seasons. He has also received several distinctions, both as maestro and as a TV personality. With his first album, Solo, in 2015, recorded entirely on solo piano, his remarkable talent as a melodist was revealed to the world. In 2016, he released 'Ensemble', partly recorded with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. The record shot to #1 in the Portuguese charts. The new album III was recorded in two stages: in Berlin all the piano parts were recorded with the Grammy-winning producer and engineer Tobias Lehman; in Oporto they were recorded with his stage band. The record was mastered in New York by Grammy-winning engineer Joe Laporta and released in Portugal by Universal on the Deutsche Grammophon label in November 2018. A tour is already planned for 2019 coinciding with the international release of III. In this concert from 2019's Classical:NEXT!, Rui Massena performs alongside Rui Moreira (viola d’arc), Bernardo Fesch (bass), and Sandro Mota (percussions).

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Clarinet Factory

April 22, 21:00

Considered to be one of the most unique ensembles to feature on the Czech scene in the last 25 years, the style of the Clarinet Factory hovers between contemporary and classical music, jazz and world music. As winners of the Classic Prague Awards in 2017 for 'Best Crossover Project', the quartet combines their classic music training and clarinet art with jazz, minimalism and improvisation to create their very own music without borders, capable of communicating directly with all audiences. The Clarinet Factory also experiment with electronics, both ambient and dance-oriented, and the four musicians remain ever fascinated with the possibilities of their instrument, considering their work as a music laboratory. Regularly collaborating with symphonic ensembles, vocalists, performance artists, the quartet have written music for film, theatre, ballet and contemporary dance. In this performance from 2019's Classical:NEXT!, the ensemble interprets their own works: "Bird Song", "Husa divoká", "B-A-C-H", "Hikari", "Luda's Dance" and "L'Amour". The Clarinet Factory is made up of Vojtěch Nýdl (clarinet and vocals), Luděk Boura (clarinet), Jindřich Pavliš (clarinet), and Petr Valášek (bass clarinet).

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April 29, 21:00

Jeditah is an experimental songwriter, producer and singer from Amsterdam. She works with Brendan Jan Walsh on cello and Jordy Pama on synths and electronics. From an early age on, Jeditah has been immersed in the world of music, travelling with her parents as a music collective. She finds inspiration in the works of acclaimed artists like Björk, James Blake, Laurie Anderson and PJ Harvey. When she began experimenting with making her own music, she first only utilized her own voice, lowering and altering it, and eventually adding electronic beats and synths. With Electric AlleyCat, Jeditah has established her position as a singer and songwriter. In between performing and recording with the band, she creates layered soundscapes from old recordings and homemade samples. It's here where she develops her very own sound: playful, melancholic and adventurous – music that speaks to the imagination of the listener. In this concert from 2019's Classical:NEXT!, she performs "Horseman" "You & Me, "Lay Down", "The Night", "Differently" and "Private Space".

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