Echoes Series: Emel Mathlouthi

June 4

Emel Mathlouthi 332 x 332.png


June 4, 21:00

Echoes is a modern live music show hosted by Jehnny Beth (lead singer in the British band Savages). It presents leading and emerging bands and artists from the contemporary scene. The show takes place underneath the Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris, in the club of brutalist architecture, the “Yoyo.” The live sets are 30 minutes long and take place on a customized stage, creating closeness with the audience. The intimate, immersive space lends to the atmosphere of the show. The artistic direction by Antoine Carlier follows a minimalist, refined and pure aesthetic, allowing the artists’ energy and emotions to take center stage. This episode features Emel Mathlouthi. Her set includes the songs “Rescuer,” “Something in the Way,” and “Holm.”

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