Johnny Osbourne and the Homegrown Band

April 22


Johnny Osbourne and the Homegrown Band

April 22, 21:00

Johnny Osbourne is one of the most popular Jamaican reggae and dancehall singers of all time. His career began in the late 1960s and reached its peak about 15 years later. His legendary albums, such as Truth and Rights and Folly Rankingi, have cemented his success. After retreating to the shadows until the end of the 1990s, Johnny Osbourne delighted his fans with a big comeback that kicked off at the Garance Reggae Festival in 2012. Since then, his dancehall music has spread around the world, and he’s developed compelling collaborations like for the song Independent Music, which he recorded with Chinese Man. Enjoy his 2017 show at Philharmonie de Paris, a high-end production recorded in 4K, and imagine yourself on Jamaican soil!

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