De La Soul

March 9

De La Soul 332x332.png

De La Soul

March 9, 9pm

There is a packed crowd for this De La Soul set at the 2019 Garorock Festival, and with good reason: they witness an unmissable concert by an incomparable group! Having released regular albums since 1989’s 3 Feet High and Rising, the Long Island hip-hop stalwarts of De La Soul have been doing the rounds on a suitably named Gods of Rap tour alongside Public Enemy and the Wu-Tang Clan. With an opening that includes call and response, mic checks and arms waving in the air, the audience gets more than a touch of vintage appeal, something that has led to terms like “heritage rap” being associated with the group. But despite their long and influential career, the De La Soul impact has perennial relevance for much of contemporary music. They pushed boundaries back then and they continue to venture out further. In this performance, we can hear how their sound generously combines jazz, rock, afrobeat, disco and more into a unique blend that is all their own.

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