World Music Premieres

10 & 24 January 2018

Magic Malik 'Jour de Fête'

10 January, 9:00 PM

With his program Jour de Fête, the French jazz flutist Malik Mezzadri (also known as Magic Malik) performs at the 2015 Royaumont Abbey festival. Malik’s musical ideas range all the way from baroque through jazz, and rap. In this performance at Royaumont Abbey, he connects the music of reed player Louis Sclavis, a leading figure in European improvised jazz, with the poetic rap of American beatboxer Napoléon Maddox. In this unique project, Malik is supported by Jean-Luc Lehr (bass), Maxime Zampieri (drums), Vincent Lafont (keyboard), Louis Sclavis (clarinets & saxophones), and Napoléon Maddox (rap).


Interzone Extended

24 January, 9:00 PM

French guitarist Serge Teyssot-Gay and Syrian oud player Khaled Aljaramani perform together with Keyvan Chemirani (zarb), Médéric Collignon (trumpet), and Carol Robinson (clarinet). The group's music originally evolves around the maqam structure, a rich melodic system that found its origin in Arabic and Turkish music. Poetic and musical cultures meet in the quintet's 2015 performance at the Royaumont Abbey. Get ready for a unique blend of Syrian music and rock!